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Somnath Getting There

Somnath Getting There

Somnath is a small town, mainly famous due to the ancient temple of Lord Shiva. People often visit Somnath for this temple. Also there are several other temples available around this place. Somnath is well connected by Road, and also has a Railway Station. Somnath do not have any airport, for that you will have to prefer to nearby district.

By Rail:

Somnath has it’s railway station, which has several trains. But for more detailed and more trains you might want to go to the nearest railway station of any district like Junagadh, Rajkot etc.

By Air:

There is no airport at Somnath. For flights, you will have to opt for the nearby district including Keshod, Rajkot etc.

By Road:

There are pretty good roads which will take you to Somnath. Distance of Somnath from several famous cities is mentioned below. Take a look at all these distance info:

Distance from Major City




Ahmedabad Somnath 400 km
Mumbai Somnath 887 km
Pune Somnath 1013 km
Bhopal Somnath 1073 km
Delhi Somnath 1303 km
Nagpur Somnath 1330 km
Goa Somnath 1448 km
Bangalore Somnath 1851 km
Ranchi Somnath 2173 km
Junagadh Somnath 90 km